Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ok, so I have to share the dream I had last night simply cause not only did it have me waking up in a cold sweat, but after I realized it was only a dream it did make me chuckle.

So my dream starts off with my being heavily pregnant with baby number 5 and heading up to the OB floor to get admitted for another c-section. I secretly have to admit that I did somewhat enjoyed the idea of being pregnant again in my dream. I mean for is just awesome to grow a human being inside of ya from scratch. ;) Although those warm and fuzzy feelings quickly turned into panic as I realized I still had a 7 year old, 4 year old, 1 year old and 5 month old all standing there with me and Eric in my dream. The thought of another baby right now is enough to send me over the deep end. lol As the lovely nurses "hooked me up" to the monitor and then instructed Eric to take all the kids to the waiting room, I suddenly found myself in the room alone....this is where the dream turns into something straight out of a Mission Impossible movie...

Since I'm alone I jump out of the bed and strap the fetal monitor onto one of those heartbeat teddybears that just happens to be sitting on the chair in the room. I then began my escape from the OB ward by climbing through one of the drop down ceiling panels and into a maze of air conditioning ducts...all of which were outfitted with high tech laser beams....cause you know they take their security up on the OB ward pretty seriously. I mean you can't just have any joe schmoe coming in and smuggling newborns out through the air ducts! ;)

I can seriously hear the mission impossible theme song playing as I'm making my way through the maze of lasers until I reach the roof of the hospital where, conveniently, a repelling rope and harness are waiting for me. I repeal down the side of the hospital and then start walking to my van with a since of accomplishment and pride...cause everyone knows you can stop a birth of a baby by just leaving the OB ward! lol So as I get to the van I realize I've left my keys up in my OB room. And this is when I wake up in a cold sweat thinking I have to go back up to the OB ward and actually have this baby...because after esacping through mazes of laser proofed air ducts, and repelling off the top of a hospital, the idea of hot wiring the van or simply just walking home was to just WAY to far fetched for my crazy mind to dream or think about! lol

So after fulling waking and realizing it was just all a dream I found myself thanking the good Lord that my tubes are now tied, cause as much as I love each and all of my children with all of my heart...I know, that I know, that I know....4 is my limit. ;)

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