Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just call me M.OM...manager of messes!

After spending the past several days around the house it probably doesn't come as a big shocker that kids are going stir crazy. As a stay-at-home mom I like to think of myself as being "creative" (along with the help of Pintrest)and often come up with cool, and neat things or places for the kids to do or go. But this creative momma must be out of ideas cause the kids are begging to "go somewhere fun" today and I can't think of anything to do. So we've just been kind of hanging around the house today. Which I soon learned is a big NO NO!

I have to admit, the day started out quite peaceful and I was enjoying it. Everyone slept in till 7 a.m. and Jeremiah did a double day of school yesterday, so no school for him today. By 10 a.m. the boys had, oddly enough, not tried to kill each other yet and were playing together nicely. In fact it warmed my heart to hear them laughing and giggling with each other in their bedroom. Charlotte was happy playing in her room, where she had taken every shoe her sister and her own and placed it into her laundry basket and had her elephant sitting on top of the massive shoe pile. She was then sitting in her red car trying to drive in circles around the basket...all the while carrying on a very in depth conversation with "Effent" which at times even had Charlotte busting out in very comical, but fake chuckles. That Elephant is one crazy, funny stuffed animal ya know! ;) My sweet little Vivian was content as could be just jumping away in her  exersaucer. All-in-all it was an awesomely calm, relaxing morning....then all H... E... double hockey sticks broke loose as it usually dose on a daily basis here in the Foster household. 

I had just started to feed Vivi some tasty sweet carrots when I hear Charlotte scream in her room...and its the type of scream that you immediately know she is hurt. So I dart to her room where I find she has somehow fell under the steering wheel of her red car and was now stuck and couldn't get out because she had somehow twisted her arm in a very awkward looking position. After carefully maneuvering her out and assessing that she had no broken bones or wasn't bleeding, she goes back to her driving around and playing with "Effent"...disaster averted! I walk back into the dinning room to find that, in my hurry to see what was wrong with Charlotte, I had left the sweet carrot baby food jar within Viv's reach on the high chair. Where once I had had a freshly bathed baby, clothed in a cute little white and pink sat a baby covered from head to toe in a quite messy display of an almost florescent orange colored jar of baby food. Needless to say bath number 2 of the day was in store for her. 

"At least the boys are getting along" ran the thought through my head...I didn't dare speak those words out loud for fear of jinxing it! So as I'm getting Vivi's 2nd bath of the day ready, this is the time Charlotte decides that she is in desperate need of some "momma time" and since I can't give it to her right at that moment she feels like hanging off my leg,screaming "momma, momma, momma!" will make me hold her more quickly. So I take Vivi out of her bath long enough to bribe Charlie with a snack so that I can get Vivi back in the bath and cleaned up. Yes, I'm not afraid to admit that I do bribe my children with food from time to time...any real, honest mother will admit to nothing less!;)

So while bathing Vivi not only do the boys start declaring world war III on each other, cause apparently just thinking the thought of them playing well together was enough to jinx that! Then both dogs start barking like crazy, which they do only when someone is coming up to the house. Their non-stop barking sends the bird into a screeching fit as well. Yet again I take Vivi out of the bath to see who is here. By the time I get to the door after screaming for the dogs, the bird and the boys to stop yelling I see that it's just a guy dropping off yet another Verizon phone book. Thanks Verizon, I'll put that phone book with the other 10 that you've sent me in the last the trash! I mean, come on, how many phone books does one really need???? Apparently 11 according to Verizon. 

I finally get Vivi bathed and dressed again while still trying to manage Charlie's meltdowns. I get Vivi content enough that I can finally pay Charlie some attention. Charlie cuddles in my lap an I begin to read her her favorite fishy book. That lasted until Eli came into the room and informed me that he is no longer playing with his brother cause he is mean and he now hates him. Eli then goes into a long story about why his brother is so mean, which he ended with the sentence "Like, for real mom, who does he think he is??? Is he the parent of me??? Nope! So now I hate him" After a lengthy talk with him about how we shouldn't really hate anyone, and how we are all supposed to love each other Eli's response is "Well, yeah, but I still hate bub!" Not 30 seconds after that comment Jeremiah comes running into the room telling Eli he has to come see this funny video he found on YouTube. They both go running out of the room and with in a matter of a minute I hear bursts of laughter coming from them both again. At least I know Eli's hatred doesn't run deep. ;)

So back to Charlie girl and her book...or so I thought. She figured while she was waiting for me to finish my "talk" with Eli she would leave me a present of a very odorous nature in her diaper. After changing that diaper we sit down to read yet again when I think to myself that it still smells pretty bad in the room. So I check Vivi only to find she's had a complete blowout! I'm talking poop all the way up the back of her...almost up to her shoulders. Short of cutting off the onesie that she has on, I can't figure how to remove the thing without spreading the poop even further. I just bite the bullet and pull it over her head and get her ready for bath number 3 for the day. 

After bath number 3 is done I find it yet time again to feed the heard. So lunch is made, cleaned up and both girls are now least long enough for me to have typed this. Now I must try to get the lunch dishes done, laundry washed and folded, rugs vacuumed and maybe even attempt to yet again organize the boys mean room. Here's to hoping the girls take a nice long nap:) 

Oh that Vivian I hear crying now??? much for getting stuff accomplished today. lol

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