Monday, November 4, 2013

Busy October

Sorry it's been awhile since my last post. October proved to be a kind of hectic month. The boys have bowling every Saturday, I was making all 4 of the kiddos halloween costumes this year and my parents were up for a nice visit. Add homeschooling and regular house duties with that and there just never seemed to be enough hours in my days....I'm starting to learn that this will probably be my "new normal" for the next 18 years or so. lol 

Now...on to brag about my cute little trick or treaters...instead of writing I will just show you pics of my cutie kiddies :)

Jeremiah was a Robot...and about a week after trick or treating he still wants to put his costume on a daily basis. lol 

Elias was a Dinosaur...he also wants to put his dino on every day. 

Charlotte was an elephant...after all that IS her favorite animal in the whole wide world :)

And Vivian was a cute little Cabbage Patch kid. 

They all had a blast trick or treating in Lisite and going to the Halloween Parade up at the Georgian Place. Eric says I put WAY to many man hours into making their costumes...and he is probably right, but to me it makes it more special for them. They help out as much as they can and I think it makes for some awesome bonding and great memories. Lets face 20 years is Jeremiah going to come up to me and say "Hey mom,  remember that cool halloween costume you bought me at the store that one year?" or will he more likely say  "Hey, mom remember that time we made a robot costume when I was little, that was so cool!" That's what it's all about...building fun filled memories with my kiddos. :)

It was nice that both Nana and Gram got to go trick or treating with them this year. :)

Actually Nana and Pa got to be apart of halloween, pumpkin carving, trick or treating, some shopping at the mall along with eating out at Red Lobster, a trip to Sweet Frog, a birthday party and even some bowling. Throw in the non-stop, never ending question of "Can we go in your camper again?", coloring endless pages in coloring books and just the non-stop craziness that is the Foster household and I'd have to say my parents survived with minimal permeant damage. lol

My parents just left this morning and already the boys are talking about what they are going to do with Nana and Pa they next time they come up to visit. :) Thanks mom and dad for making some fun memories with my kiddos and I. Love ya! 

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